About Trust

The Beginning

Akash Memorial Charitable Trust was established on 24th Sep 2005. The trust has been formed in the memory of Akash Saxena, an outstanding human being and a student of Computer engineering, National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar (INDIA ). As is the saying, God just cannot stay away from those whom He loves the most and takes them into his embrace early. Same happened with Akash who had to go back at an early age of Twenty. Now , following his foot steps, we try to help Society in whatever way we can.The trust is registered under the Indian Registration Act vide Registration No. IV/349 dated 24.09.2005


Generating Civic Sense

We have conducted a workshop for RWA’s (Resident Welfare Association) for Noida, on the “Humari Suraksha Humari Jimedari”. Workshop was attended by all RWA’s & SSP Noida.

The trust also envisages road campaigns for generation of basic civic sense like safe driving, pedestrian’s safety rules, eliminating habit of spitting/smoking/drinking in public places, deter urination and defecation on the roads by humans and pets and helping all and sundry.