Within the capacity of the trust, the trustees are always willing to provide any help which can prove to be of some assistance to the one who approaches us.

The trustees are willing to take in volunteers to help them in their projects. The volunteers can help by working onsite or by monetary assistance, whichever they prefer as per their convenience.

“To make the world a better place to live in, for every individual, Help Fellow Humans”





The main objective of the Trust is to impart basic computer training to underprivileged children, senior citizens & house wives. The Trust has also been actively involved in providing medical relief to the needy, scholarships to deserving students, aid and support to orphanages and homes for the aged, granting relief and assistance to victims of natural and man-made calamities and in other similar social welfare causes.

Way Ahead

Besides the activities already undertaken in the past and those underway, the Computer Kendras shall continue to be the focus of the Trust. It shall be the earnest effort of all the Trustees and volunteers to spread the benefits of the modest amount of work undertaken so far and raise the the and the scope of charitable activities to maximum people in society. It would give us tremendous encouragement if more people join the trust as volunteers in their field of expertise, as messengers of goodwill and as source of donation.